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...did you know? Some Essentials Favor Hardier Climates

written by T.J. Phoenix

Producing essential oils organically is not that difficult, and it's only the first step.  I list the origins of my oils, not to focus on the organic growing conditions, but because it is one aspect of the essentials profile.
What does this mean:  Lets take Lavender first.  Lavender is not difficult to grow organically.  In fact Lavender is not difficult to grow
anywhere. A side note, and it will tie in later is this.  I have read _many_ lab analysis comparing various chem-types of lavender.  My take away
from countless chemical breakdowns of lavender essential oils: both steam distilled and Co2 distilled is this: (keep reading... click here.)






As you have no doubt figured out, this site is a labor of love. It was built largely thorugh the part-time efforts of one rediculiously devoted fairy girl (me!) who for some reason felt the need to spread the good word. And what is the good word? The good word is that, "Healing is in Nature". Complex and simple. Simple and complex. It all begins, for the largest part... and ends, with flowers.

And it is safe to say, this is not idealistic mumbo jumbo, but in fact, in depth science. Essential oils are made up of various individual chemical compounds, the resourse book for how the plant interacts, and yes defends itself in it's environment. Kind of simplistic, I grant you but there it is. Human beings, like the plants themselves, are changed by the interplay of the chemical "messages" that are transmitted. From the simplest anti-bacterial properties, to more complex patterns of defense and healing I think it is not an overstatement to say that the future of the human race lies in our connection to the Earth.

The more we learn, the healhier that connection becomes.

... you get the point. More is coming soon. I promise, so enjoy reading on the single subject index of articles to your left. And I'll be back with more sharing soon. Light, love and blessings to you all. -- Phoenix Turley: Founder, General alchemist and all around planet loving fairy girl.

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